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About our Clinic

We promote lifelong dental well-being for all age groups

We strive to identify and address oral health issues early on, enabling people to enjoy eating with their natural teeth throughout their lives. Our goal is to empower patients with knowledge about dental hygiene and good home care practices.
Our focus extends to pediatric orthodontic treatments, which not only prevent cavities and periodontal disease but also ensure the proper alignment of teeth and occlusion from an early age.

Prioritizing Your Comfort: Our Dedication to a Patient-Centric Approach

Our clinic offers a private room for patients who desire complete privacy, along with space for mothers to maneuver their strollers. We have designed a play area for toddlers beside each dental chair, alongside a more expansive one for older children, ensuring parents can relax during their treatment. We are dedicated to providing a serene and spacious environment that promotes ease and comfort during treatment.
Our resident dentist, renowned for her gentle approach and meticulous attention to detail, contributes a unique feminine touch to patient care. She is passionately committed to tailoring her practice to the distinct needs and emotional states of her patients, offering a personalized approach.
Furthermore, we recognize the importance of accessibility and convenience. Our clinic is located in Tsukiji, just a four-minute walk from Exit 1 on the Hibiya line. We maintain service availability even on weekends, embodying our commitment for our patients.

For Japanese residents, we accept the Japanese National Health Insurance. Please ensure to carry your insurance card when you visit. For those with private insurance, kindly note that payment in full is required upfront, with your insurance company handling subsequent reimbursement.
We also extend both emergency and non-emergency dental care to foreign travelers. If you require assistance, we encourage you to reach out to us.

About Our Dentist


Rino Harada

Raised in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Dr. Rino Harada dreamed of running her own practice. Following her undergraduate degree in Nutritional Science at the University of British Columbia, she moved to Japan to fulfill complete her dental program at Tokyo Dental College, eventually earning her Ph.D in 2016.

In the subsequent years, she became a faculty at the Department of Dental Materials at Tokyo Dental College while honing her clinical skills. In 2019, she became the director at Hamille Tokyo Dental Office.


"Dentistry is my passion, and my smile is my life.”

Dr. Rino Harada cultivated an interest in health and nutrition at a young age from her grandfather, a dedicated dentist who emphasized how oral hygiene can improve the overall quality of life. In her visits to the elderly community center, she saw many elders struggling to eat due to missing teeth or unfit dentures. This struggle affected their social connections as they cannot enjoy the foods they love with their loved ones. Driven to enhance people's quality of life, Dr. Harada dedicated her career to dentistry, enabling individuals to enjoy food and lead healthier lives, much like her grandfather.

Care Philosophy

Preventative care - Preventative dentistry is the primary goal here at Avant Dental Clinic. We emphasize self-care and proper teeth alignment, not just for cosmetic purposes, but for the longevity of oral health and hygiene, allowing a patient’s teeth to be easier to clean and reduce the risk of plaque buildup, tooth decay, and gum disease. Early preventative care (especially in children) minimizes future complications and fosters a lifetime of good oral health, promoting not only a confident smile but also overall well-being.

Patient-Centered Care - Our dentists individualize our services based on our patient’s special needs and preferences. We deeply involve our patients in the decision-making process for their oral health. We understand a dental visit may be daunting for some patients, so our entire staff is trained in active listening and empathizing with patient concerns.

High Ethical Standards - Our dentists adhere to high ethical standards providing transparent and honest information about treatment options, costs, and potential risks.

Foreigner (English) Friendly - Dr. Harada is a native English and Japanese speaker. Many of her patients are foreigners who struggled with communicating their issues with Japanese dentists. Dr. Harada and her team are dedicated to providing good commitment and quality dental care to foreign and Japanese patients alike.


  • 2006University of British Columbia (BSc. Nutritional Science Major)
  • 2012Tokyo Dental College (D.D.S.)
  • 2016Tokyo Dental College (Ph.D)
  • 2019Director of Hamille Tokyo Dental Office
  • 2023Founder and board member of Avant Dental Clinic Tsukiji

Clinic information

Name Avant Dental Clinic Tsukiji
Tel. no. 03-6264-0090
Address Atlas Tsukiji #101 6-2-12 Tsukiji Chuo-ku Tokyo, Japan 104-0045
Director Rino Harada
URL https://www.avant-dc.com
Clinical Hours Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Holidays
10:00 ~ 14:00
15:30 ~ 19:30
  • Closed Friday and Holidays
  • ※Irregularly scheduled Orthodontic appointment days.


How to reach us


4 min walk from Tsukiji Station Exit 1 on the Hibiya line
7 min walk from Shintomicho Station Exit 4 on the Yurakucho line
7 min walk from Tsukijishijo Station Exit A1 on the Oedo Line


3 min walk from the Chuo-ku community bus stop “Tsukiji Honganji”
3 min walk from the Toei bus stop “Tsukiji-Rokuchome”


Parking available at the Times lot (fees apply).